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Our Galvanized Wires (Gi Wire) are available in different lengths and diameters to serve diverse applications and are made of premium quality. Our Zinc coated galvanized wires are highly resistant to Moisture and mechanical damage These Galvanized Wires (Gi Wire) are highly durable and have the long lasting functional life.because Zinc Coating is done through Hot Dip Galvanizing process.
This Galvanized wire used in the making of welded mesh, barbed wire, gabion nets, PVC coated wire, chain links, fencing making, nails making, telephone wiring.
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Galvanized Iron wire is that the Full-form of GI wire, That is generally used for industrial and fencing of all functions.
Galvanization is that the method of applying a protecting Zn coating to steel or iron, to stop oxidization. it has 2 sorts, one is electroplated galvanization and second is hot dip galvanization. hot dip Galvanized wire (GI wire) has higher corrosion resistance properties than electroplated Galvanized wire (GI wire).
we at Magic wire in producing of Hot dip galvanized wire (GI wire).
The length of Galvanized wire (GI wire) is measured in meters whereas the diameter/thickness is measured in SWG (standard wire gauge). SWG is truly a British standard for measurement the wire thickness. Cross-sectional space in sq. millimeters is currently a lot of standard size measure, however, we tend to still use SWG for Galvanized wire (GI wire) in Asian country whereas for cables we tend to use Sq-mm.

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