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We are considered to be the most credible company for procuring HHB Wires. We are recognized as a pioneer among the acknowledged Manufacturers of HHB Wires. The H.H.B. Wire is very thick and is used for a number of purposes.
Coustomer specifications are always welcome.
The Mild Steel Wires (MS wire) are used widely for making wire nails, screws, and welded wire mesh. The Mild Steel Wires are also used in fabrication of bucket handles and many more.

Features of hhb wire:

  • Its surface finish Excellent
  • The construction of this hhb wire is Sturdy
  • Elevated durability
  • Strength is High tensile


(Half Hard Bright Wire)
"Half Hard Bright Wire" refers to a specific type of wire commonly used in various industries and applications. Here's what it typically means:
  1. Hardness: "Half Hard" indicates the level of hardness or temper of the wire. In the case of "Half Hard," the wire has undergone a partial hardening process, resulting in a moderate level of stiffness and resilience. It is not as soft and flexible as annealed wire but not as rigid as fully hardened wire.
  2. Bright Wire: "Bright wire" refers to the surface finish of the wire. It implies that the wire has a smooth, polished, and shiny appearance. This finish is achieved through various processes like cleaning, polishing, or coating to enhance the wire's visual appeal and corrosion resistance.
The term "Half Hard Bright Wire" is commonly associated with metal wires, such as stainless steel wire, copper wire, or various alloy wires. It finds applications in industries like jewelry making, wire forming, crafting, electrical wiring, construction, and more. The specific properties and applications of "Half Hard Bright Wire" may vary depending on the material and industry requirements.

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